Friday, September 25, 2009

Study in Rome: be an Eastern Rite Seminarian at the Russicum

"Pope Pius XI wrote a letter in 1929 to all seminarians, 'especially our Jesuit sons', asking for men to enter a new Russian center being started at Rome to prepare young clerics for possible future work in Russia.  I studied my theology there and learned to say Mass in the Byzantine rite in preparation for work in Russia."

-He Leadeth Me by Fr. Walter J. Ciszek, S.J.

N.B. If somebody has time feel free to add this pic to the Wikipedia page for the Russicum.


  1. I have the time, but I need a license to do it. Bah.

    See here:

  2. I'm sorry JP, but the russicum is closed since years (a dignity of the greek catholic church said to me). Only the Orientale is open and working well.

  3. John, the pic is in wiki commons and I also added it to the Russicum page as well. Just gave it the licence "Share alike, 3.0" but don't know if you want something else? If so, let's change it!

  4. Thanks for putting the pic up! Looks perfect.