Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pray for the Dead

Three times in my life I've been a first responder to carnage in the street from auto accidents.  The first was while still in high school, the second in Russia and the third was today in Italy.

An older man was hit while crossing the street by a motorino and some time later died on sight.  Please pray for his soul.  When he awoke this morning he could not have imagined that today would be his last. 

I heard the crash, saw a man run to help and followed him with speed.  An ambulance came.  By God's grace a priest was nearby and with diligence rushed to the body, knelt and pronounced conditional absolution (in Latin).  Just the moment before I had seen the victim's chest move (indicating that he was still breathing) while the paramedic sought to feel a pulse.  Moments later the man was pronounced dead.

Please pray for this deceased soul. 

And thank the Lord Jesus for the holy priesthood and for the hope of eternal life.

Requiem aeternam.



  1. A diligent laymen called the priest to the scene. The laymen joined him in saying the prayers for the Plenary Indulgence after the Apostolic Blessing in articulo mortis.

  2. what a sad experience...& yet God's care is so evident. prayers for all there...