Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Nun: Radical Optimism in the Face of the World's Radical Pessimism and Despairing Nihilism

You go, girl.  Nuns are like ninjas.

We live in a world dessicated by rationalistic skepticism.  But then there is this public witness.  A reach which reaches to those who sometimes cannot be reached.   

Christ subjugates all and He created the nun.  Nuns are a great service to the Church and they indicate a "higher power," without which we are all prisoners of a baneful history. 


  1. She looks like an Community of St. John Sister.

  2. And we hear repeatedly that women are denied their "rights" by not being ordained...I'd say there have been some pretty powerful women throughout the ages, especially consecrated women religious, who have made an incredible mark on the life of Church. And still do today...