Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Baroque Altar Card and Cardinalatial Candle Sticks

And always the extras in Italy - notice the stemma (coat-of-arms) of the cardinal on the candlesticks?

The candlesticks are kept in the town of Ceccano and belonged to Cardinal Giuseppe Berardi (1810-1878) who was from there (near Frosinone). 

Lots of cardinals were born in this area, just south of Rome.  One such was Cardinal Tommaso Pasquale Gizzi (1787 - 1849), once Cardinal Secretary of State to His Holiness Pius IX (he was born in Ceccano in 1787 and in the same town on Sunday night we dined with his living relative, Stefano Gizzi, a delightful man).   

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