Friday, September 11, 2009

How Pontifical Vestments Were Kept

In the old days when a prelate purchased a pontifical set from a Roman tailor they evidently sometiems came in these coloured folders (i.e. green for a green set, red for a red set, white for a white set, etc.)  Inside were kept the matching gloves, dalmatic, tunicle, or gremial, etc. 

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  1. John, thyis fascinating piece of information brings to mind a matter hyou raised some time ago. You pointed out that Gammerelli Bros. had gone off track in producing pontifical gloves with the gauntletts. You showed pictures of something that looked more llike a woman's formal glove.

    This was disconcerting. If you can't trust Gammerrelli Bros. who can you trust? Has the situation improved since then?