Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bugnini & Co.

World revolution.

We know nothing about him.  No books on him.  No biographies.  No stories.  No histories.  No statues or images of him and no buildings or streets named in his honor.  Nothing. 


Somebody who speaks Italian ought to write a book on him in English and tell this story good, bad or ugly. 


  1. There is an enormous volume of his memoirs, The Reform of the Liturgy.

  2. Behold a picture of Archbishop Bugnini: http://a6.idata.over-blog.com/300x472/2/61/27/70/Bugnini.jpg

    The book above refers to the partial reform of the rubrics authorized by Pope Pius XII and that was a step to the new Code of Rubrics of the Blessed John XXIII (1960).

    Thank you for the post! It would be interesting to know the comments of the then Fr Bugnini on the Rubrics.

  3. I think nobody's written a book because of his memoirs. They exude his personality well enough that maybe no-one else has wanted to add to them...!

  4. Re liturgical reforms: it always amazes me how anyone could have been rash enough to place, essentially, the future of Rome in the hands of any man named... Hannibal. :P

  5. Msgr. Bugnini was a major agent for the disaster in liturgical development that has taken place over the last forty years. We can thank him at least indirectly for liturgical dancers; clown masses; folk and rock masses; and a total breakdown in the sense of reverence in our public worship. For traditionalists, Bugnini is right up there with Thomas Cramner, his litrugical forefather.

  6. Nobody wants to remember him, it is that simple. He wrought destruction on the beloved Roman Mass. Whatever the reasons we continue to live with his "simplifications", and yet no one speaks of his enormous contributions. He has probably single handedly wrecked the faith for millions. That is what is remembered.

  7. Yes, Mgr. Annibale Bugnini, along with Mgr. Paul Phillipe and Mgr.
    Gilberti Augustoni, approved of the new Eucharistic prayers. Thus, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass became the warm gathering on the Community. I am thankful for Pope Benedict XVI's document "Summorum Pontificorum". Slowly we shall move the sacrament back toward the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.