Friday, September 25, 2009

His Excellency Bernard Fellay in Rome

Pray for a continued thoroughgoing rapprochement which is not insuperable. 

Today he was seen in the Vatican Basilica.

I've known Bishop Fellay from attending ordinations in Winona in the nineties and have always had great respect for him as a Swiss priest and European Catholic. 

Although I disagree with the autocephaly of his strategy (similar to that of the Orthodox) and the exclusive insistence on how Vatican II is rotten (similar to that of the Orthodox), we can all agree as Catholics that the Bishop of Rome is the principle and center of unity in a universal Church understood as communio (understood such by the Fathers, Doctors and Councils).

In this last and exhausted phase of the build-up of what hit us in the twentieth century we are fortunate today to have a theologian pope who since January of 1982 has been at the middle of it all.   

Let us pray!