Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Church of Santa Maria in Ceccano: Solemn High Mass in the Usus Antiquior

The Chiesa di Santa Maria in Ceccano is a XIIth century church built in Cistercian style and was consecrated in 1196.  Being on the rail lines south of Rome near Frosinone and Anzio/Salerno this town was bombed during the war and this same church was really hit hard and then rebuilt in 1958.  It's a charming little church overlooking a river.  The day to make a visit is the last Sunday in May for their festival of Santa Maria a Fiume (Sancta Maria ad Flumen) when the faithful sing their favorite song, Lauda a Maria Ss. del Fiume and have an outdoor procession with their revered statue of St. Mary of the River, kept in the sanctuary.  Before the war there were lovely and famous gardens along the river here, but none of that remains.     

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