Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rome's S. Maria alle Fornaci: In the Spirit of Don Bosco

The priest or seminarian who throws a football or joins in a soccer match with his kids or the kids who live in the neighborhood  is a leader who understands how it works.  The priest is a father to many.  Fathers spend time with their children.  Remember to invest in the youth. 


  1. I stayed near there on S. Maria alle Fornaci when I visited Rome in 89. It was fun to watch the kids play, kicking that little soft ball. I forget the name of it!
    I and my companions were also so tired one night that as we all piled in my room to eat bread and peanut butter we started laughing and laughing so hard that one of the ladies in the apartment across from our window stuck her head out and then slammed her windows!

  2. S. Maria alle Fornaci Is this a nice place to stay for 2 nights with 8 people, 4 couples and view the city? Is it clean? and Comfortable?
    Any other places you reccomend? thank you