Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Vestments from the World's Fair in Paris: Grand Prize Cope 115 Years in Service!

115 years later, and still in use at the service of the altar!

In former years bishops would attend a World's Fair looking to purchase things like a church organ or even the finest vestments money could buy.

The world's fair was a big deal.  Achievements of the past were celebrated while people would view some of the most fascinating inventions and creations.  I remember well my own grandmother telling me of her exciting visit to the the 1933 Chicago World's Fair. 

It is said nearly 50 million people attended the Exposition Universelle in Paris in 1900.  The World's Fair in Paris exhibited an extraordinary collection of sacred vestments.  Lyon, the Primatial See and Catholic wonderland of France, was home to many fine clerical tailors and that is where this wonderful cope was created.

Seen at the wonderful church of Sts. Joachim and Ann in Aldergrove, Canada: August 16, 2015. 



  1. Its a breath of fresh air over the typical Regina orphrey cope popular in the U.S.