Thursday, August 6, 2015

Rome Quotes

"Governments and ordinance, laws and flaws, supreme courts and big fancy warts, presidents and precedence, kings, and things? BLAH BLAH BLAH. I don't really care. I'm too busy loving God and serving my neighbor. Tell me something that matters like love, prayer, and suffering, the real things, those that endure. Show me what you have done to become good and holy and true and then I will start listening to you and showing a speck of interest in something that will actually be the measure of your life, not its dissipation. I pass through countries and their capricious little governments like changing clothes. I'm not interested in their dramas and traumas. Tomorrow it will be a different politician or court and a different scandal or corruption. Sure we have to suffer them and put up with them like a bad smell, but the winds of time blow and it will be another equally stupid and boring thing to become preoccupied with so why waste your attention on fleeting things? What is exciting and adventurous? The love and fear of God and sincere service of one's neighbor. All will pass. The only thing that endures is charity. Hold fast to it and the unpleasantness of history will give way to eternity."

-Rev. Samuel Medley

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