Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pray for An End to Schsim and Schismatics

Some out there who are schismatics flatly deny themselves as being in a formal state of schism.

But if the Holy Roman Church does not recognize you or your "church" as being in full communion with Her, then you are not in full communion with Her, the Mater et Caput


  1. Dear John

    Could you be more clear in your assertions?

    Could you tell us which schismatics do you have in mind? Could you say us in which document the Church officially defined them as schismatics?

    I end with a suggestion: please, avoid all pharisaic intonation in your posts, because pharisaism is not Catholic at all…

  2. I agree with José that you could be a bit clearer...although I don't think you mean the SSPX...