Friday, August 28, 2015

Catholic Church Converted to Mosque in Venice

It just opened this year. 


  1. Why the incredible amount of picture and details of this horror?! You don't bother to show that much of beautiful churches. But this horror you show a never ending stream. It's like digging the knife in deeper. Thanks for adding to the darkness that has enveloped the Church

    1. Who will publicize the outrageous fact that churches are being converted into mosques? This is not "adding to the darkness" at all. It is about EXPOSING the darkness for all to see.

  2. I thought I was viewing some images from ISIS controlled Syria. But no, this is Catholic ITALY. Someone please wake me up from this bad dream (they should have bulldozed the building rather than let this desecration happen).

  3. Ignorants like you are typical in the neo-con neo-trad camp. Eyes shut and everything is ok.

  4. Karl is right and his eyes are wide open, better to bulldoze it.