Thursday, August 6, 2015

Evils of Our Age

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"When a nation decides to depart from the law of God, He respects their freedom and permits them to depart too from its protection, guidance, and peace. God help us. Have mercy on us."

-Rev. Samuel Medley

In Greek mythology, Zeus dispatched Pandora with a box. If opened, incalculable ills would spill out into the world. Pandora tried to shutter the box. But it was too late. The scourges which inhabited the box were already loose and could not be contained.


  1. Christianity saved the world. The immoralities tolerated today proved indirectly unable to live in an atmosphere not pagan. And by just so much as society is sinking back into paganism today, by just so much the institution of slavery begins to reappear in the new laws regulating taxes and labor. Even when a positive creed has lost its vigor and dwindled under indifference and gluttony, its remaining effect upon the stuff of society remains profound. Pray for a Restoration.

  2. Forewarned is forearmed.

  3. The good fortunes of stupidity are incalculable. The homosexual condition fills me with pity that is akin to love. Out of love we feel an obligation to reach out to them in the name of Christ and to instruct the ignorant, a spiritual work of mercy.