Friday, January 1, 2010

How to Make a Nice Altar Cloth

100 % linen as the Hebrews used.   Starched.   Blessed by a priest. 


  1. I commissioned my mother to make a set of altar cloths, but haven't ever heard of altar cloths being blessed.

  2. Where can one find pure linen? I would like to make altar cloths and surplices.

    Are there any locations in the United States or Rome where one can find that material?

    Thank you much.

  3. Where can I find this material and lace to make altar cloths for our church

  4. To Rose T. There is a fabric shop in Evanston Illinois(near Chicago) that has many hard to find items - check with them

    Also - I have heard that some orders of nuns will take wedding gowns and use the lace & fabric for altar cloths and clerical gowns, etc.? Does anyone know of a convent that does this?