Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What Ancient Rome Looked Like

Mercati di Traiano (Trajan's Market), Rome.

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  1. Fascinating and magnificent. Aside from the beautiy and Catholicity of Rome and all Italy, just to be close to these wonderful sites of antiquity would make me never want to go back to the boring USA if I could spend the rest of my life living and teaching, researching, and writing in Catholic Italy.

    I read about Trajan's Market. Eash large square doorway was a different shop, and there are other parts of Trajan's market which have 2 floors (shop atop shop), which was perhaps they very first Mall in the world. Can you imagine the ancient Romans strolling thru the shops like we do at the Mall? Awesome.

    Who would ever want to come back here and listen to the likes of Sarah Palin, Pat Robertson, John McCain, or even some of the Democrats too, or listen to boring "State of the Union" speeches, or have to put up with talk of deficit and "War on Terror" and all the rest of that junk, if one could stay in Italy surrounded by wonderful places like Trajan's Market, and thousands of other equally fascinating sites in Rome and Italy.