Thursday, January 21, 2010

Be a Canon Regular of the Lateran

So your dream is to be a priest in Rome, forever?!

Perhaps this is your vocation:

They staff Rome parishes such as San Pietro in Vincoli and Sant'Agnese Fuori Le Mura, etc. 


  1. Anyone else notice the terrible graffiti that was blotted out on the sign? There's still a remnant of it left. Just disgusting. It looks like satanic writing of some kind. When will Europe wake up! A German scholar once said, 'The Church seems to be like a frozen giant. It is said that she is frozen, she seems paralyzed. But she is still a giant. She is everywhere present. Hidden under the rags and dust that seems to cover her, she is still the powerful Queen she has always been."

  2. How do I even begin to join the canons regular? I suppose learn Italian, but then what?