Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Old Fascist Rome: 1922 - 1943

Some have a strong interest in twentieth century Rome history.  Or in Fascist-era architecture. 

When the Fascists came into power they quickly began a brick and mortar era of constructing then-innovative and modern looking service and support faciliteis all over the Italian peninsula.  With great speed they constructed many and varied buildings, bridges, avenues and monuments (i.e. post and telegraph buildings, schools, train stations, WWI caduti monuments, etc.).  

Some of this was bombed.  Most of it remains.  Naples is a place to see a lot of this old architecture as well as Rome's E.U.R. and even cities and small towns all across Italy. 

In the photo you can see the typical "fasces" with Rome's "S.P.Q.R." and "E.F." (Fascist Era) along with the year "A.XII" (twelfth year of the regin; 1934).

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