Saturday, January 30, 2010

Vatican City: the Collegio Teutonico (German College)

A great spot for a bbq in the shadow of the dome.


  1. Any chance the more traditionalist of the few seminarians there would restore the classic scarlet cassock of the Pontifical German Seminary?
    My Dad had reels of film taken in 1950, HOLY YEAR when we had a tremendous Pope (Venerable Pius XII), definitely not the standard mediocre Vatican II Pope.
    The shots my Dad took of St. Peters had several times scenes of the red cassocked German seminarians strolling thru the Piazza San Pietro...and of course the red cassock is standard for several early 1950's Hollywood movies shot in Rome....the red cassock seminarians were always "part of the crowds".

  2. Yes, quite true, but the red cassocks were worn by the seminarians of the Germanicum, formally located near the piazza Navona. Honestly, I think there is no chance at all to see the red cassock again, unless there will be a new, tridentine Germanicum in the spirit of St. Ignatius... perhaps, divine providence is helping us.

  3. It shows how much has been lost since the disaster of Vatican II.
    I read once where there were at least 20 Pontifical national colleges in Rome, where (1950's) the thousands of seminarians attending the Gregorian University were always seen in Rome walking to and from class....back to their own individual seminaries.
    The North American College (USA Roman seminary), once had 250+ seminarians (130 today), and they wore black cassocks with red buttons and royal blue piping.
    The Roman Seminarians wore purple cassocks (and still do at Papal ceremonies when their part of the crew)
    The Scots College (probably nearly closed by now) wore a darker shade of purple=almost maroon.
    The Irish had a green sash, the Urban College had red buttons and sash (still worn), The Belgian College had a black cassock and yellow piping, etc. etc.

    To his discredit, I read that Archbishop Timothy Dolan (the clown Benedict XVI named Archbishop of New York), forbade seminarians from wearing the traditional North American College cassock in red, white and blue as was worn up till early 1970s. Also, he was not fond of seminarians kneeling for Holy Communion, nor the TLM.

    Fortunatly, he's 60, and very well might be past over this time around when the Pope calls a new consistory for new cardinals very soon.

  4. Bring back the traditional Catholic order in Church and State and the restoration of imperial authority!