Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Word About Seventies Liturgies Today

Gaudete Mass in Ottawa. No rose vestments here. Not even violet. Not even a chasuble. The celebrant introduced himself as "Jack" and shared that Advent was about "sharing." Too funny, but sad, too.

Would be nice to see a memo from the Congregazione Per Il Culto Divino putting an end to glass chalices once and for all (at this "gathering" there were two), and an end to the bread basket paten.

Not to beat a dead horse, but interesting to note the lack of dogma in modern sermons. Young people have an insatiable desire to know exactly what the Catholic Church teaches, while we are still feeding them babble about how "feelings" are special and important. Shenanigans.

And will the real Vatican II please stand up? Here's a verbatim quote: "In addition they [clerics] must learn how to observe liturgical laws" (SC, 17).


  1. "Young people have an insatiable desire to know exactly what the Catholic Church teaches, while we still feed them babble about how "feelings" are special and important."

    Right on!

    I have the frequently opportunity to speak with college students at daily Mass.

    Four or five students, last week in fact, asked me why is it that there is this notion that young people are too dumb to understand, for example, the new English translation of the Missal. They ask, too, why is it that the older generation (I must include myself in this category with regards to age, but certainly not with regards to antipathy nor apathy!) fears tradition and constantly lowers the bar by dumbing down the Faith and watering down the Liturgy. I should note that our college chaplain is excellent (a convert!) and the daily Masses are well celebrated.

    These kids are very bright, well formed in the Faith by the few parents (who escaped indoctrination in goofiness and) who know and practice the Faith, and they are hungry for more! They want substance; they want tradition. When they find out I teach plainchant, they want it for themselves and the Liturgy. These kids are finding out that there are those with an agenda, let's call them by that well known monicker - i.e., the Spirit of Vatican II crowd - who would deny them the Catholic story and their very identity.

  2. Mr. Sonnen, I like your blog, which I discovered Fr. Z. Keep up the good work.
    As for the liturgy you describe : Christe, eleison.

  3. Please tell me that, at the very least, they used the new translation!

  4. wow wine and cheeze
    how cultured

    someone shoot me plz

  5. CIC (Code of Canon Law): Can. 929 In celebrating and administering the Eucharist, priests and deacons are to wear the sacred vestments prescribed by the rubrics.