Monday, December 26, 2011

Christian Monarch: Speaking As a Christian Monarch

Finally, her most Christian (Christmas) message yet. God save this noble woman.


  1. a great Christmas address from Canada's queen and the queen of 15 other nations and head of the commonwealth.
    her message is really quite spiritual and her being sincere comes through strongly.
    I hope people take the message to heart.

  2. God save our noble queen, Elizabeth Regina!

  3. She is right about forgiveness and that is why Englishmen like G.K. Chesterton came home to the Catholic Church. The Bride of Christ has been given the sacraments to bring about His forgiveness in a most profound and real way. Let us continue to pray for the conversion of old England, she was greatest when Catholic! May all of her glorious Saints and Martyrs pray for us!

  4. Amen! An awesome message indeed! Another reason why I admire Her Majesty so much!

    God bless and save Elizabeth Regina!

    (And I'm from the USA!)

    Barb in NY