Friday, December 23, 2011

Real Catholic TV Attacked by the Establishment

See here:

Today is the age of the laity and that's just the way it is.

Once I heard a young priest rejoice: "Any positive initiative in the Church today is coming from the laity."

So why make a fuss?

Yes, investigative reporting is the name of the game today. Big surprise.

And what about the scourge of corruption in the Catholic Church? And how to cure that? Well, you expose it, right? Er, wait, that might hurt peoples feelings.

Has there been corruption in U.S. chanceries in recent years? Well gee, do you think?

Every teenage kid these days has a smart phone that takes HD video and sound. Watch out cause we all have to be accountable and the world is watching.

It appears that Real Catholic TV has been faithful to its vocation of religiously defending the truths divinely delivered and of resisting those who oppose them.

By the way, twice in Rome I had the honor to meet Michael Voris, the former altar boy of Bishop Sheen, and the guy is a super star.

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  1. Looks like this X-Mas torpedo might backfire...ho, ho, ho!

  2. I think Michael Voris is awesome! He was the altar boy of Bp. Sheen, wow!!!

  3. Michael Voris does a great job of exposing the corruption within the Catholic Church. Shame on Arcbishop Vigneron for trying to close him down. Who or what is the archbishop trying to hide?

  4. I think that RCTV is basically very good and I appreciate a straight shooter like Michael Vorris. However, he does come across as a bit angry and goes over the line of charity from time to time. I would be hesitant to have him for any kind of speaking engagement.

    Contrary to what this blog suggests, just because someone is "Orthodox" or "Traditional" about their Catholicism, it does not make them a "super star" or "the great".

  5. I met Michael Voris this past June, at a dinner where he was the guest speaker. I couldn't stay for the talk (had my water at home turned off and I had to stay in a shelter, where there was a curfew), but I did get to speak to him for a few moments. When I told him I couldn't stay for his talk, he gave me as a 'consolation prize', a book and DVD about how Catholics got the Bible which was done by his production company! I was so surprised and delighted at this thoughtfulness, I gave him a hug and (I confess) a kiss on his cheek!

    He was the altar boy of Bishop Sheen? Seriously? Very cool!

    Barb in NY

  6. the 'establihment' is the
    archbishop of detroit.

    but he doesn't have a cappa

  7. "As therefore the Lord did nothing without the Father, being united to Him, neither by Himself nor by the apostles, so neither do anything without the bishop and presbyters. Neither endeavour that anything appear reasonable and proper to yourselves apart." Ignatius of Antioch, Epistle to the Magnesians, VII.

  8. Detroit? Didn't they go after Father Coughlin? FDR then, maybe it's Obama now?

  9. Detroit, why not go after the National CATHOLIC Reporter?

  10. Very interesting and sad. Arcbishop Vigneron is not to blame. The Communications Director, Joe Kohn, is pretending to be the new Magisterium. I wrote him a kind email and asked him to defend his conclusion that Mr. Voris does not broadcast the Catholic message.

  11. Full story here:

  12. The story about the Bishop of Detroit telling Michael Voris he can't use the word Catholic is the most absurd story of the year! Has this man lost his mind? This is exactly what the Pope spoke to when he said the sin from within the Chruch is what we need to watch out for. Well, here it is!

    Michael Voris has guts and doesn't worry about offending anyone, he stands up for what is truly Catholic!! I will continue to pray for this ministry and for bishops who are still apologizing for Catholic teachings and tradition.

  13. It must be about money. It is ALWAYS about money.