Monday, December 19, 2011

Paul VI Consecrates Bishops in Usus Antiquior at Vatican Basilica

The good old days. Simply gorgeous.

October 20, 1963.

One of the last of the old pharaoh papal liturgies. Overwhelming beauty in the face of modernity. And modernity needed this. The Church in Her wisdom had given it to us. Would be nice to see a return. This stuff inspires people, like the Byzantine rite. No harm here. It is the art of the Church.


  1. As someone born in the early 1940s I still have strong memories of the good old days, when the evolved richness of catholic culture and worship had been intact in plenty. What a contrast to the contrived, sterile and austere rites of today under the unhappy trimming of this so called "noble simplicity"!

  2. Was the Pope really wearing green?