Friday, December 23, 2011


Once yours truly had the pleasure to meet and shake hands with this cute little baby all grown up, Caroline.


  1. that cute little baby all grown up is a fervent supporter of womens' reproductive rights---as she
    has said on numerous occasions.

    aren't you pleased to have shaken her noble hand?

    the kennedys are such noble catholics.

  2. Although Rose was the only Catholic one in the bunch, we can all pray for both their conversion and salvation.

  3. My friend and i found one mantelleta together with the other "rags" of acting group on our college...sad...we plan on asking for it...they don't seem to need it desperately...

  4. If Cushing is here pictured outside Massachusetts, he is properly wearing the mantelleta. Before Paul VI abolished the garment for all but a few clerics at the Vatican, bishops who were ordinaries had to wear this garment outside their dioceses (or archbishops who were metropolitans, outside their provinces.

    Indeed, the less association made of the Kennedy clan, generally, to things Catholic, the better. That is the result of liberalism having in recent decades morphed into something having nothing to do with traditional liberal values.