Thursday, December 22, 2011

What the Pope's Bedroom Looks Like

An extremely rare photo, taken in the 1950s by Dr. Riccardo Galeazzi-Lisi during the reign of Venerable Pius XII. This is the only known photograph of the papal bedroom - the corner room on the top floor of the Apostolic Palace. This room has been the bedroom of the popes since the year 1903. One other photo exists of this room, showing the bed of Pius X.

"The reign of simplicity was inaugurated by St. Pius X, who broke through Vatican etiquette when he showed no desire, upon being elected Pope in 1903, to leave the humble room which had been assigned to him for the Conclave. Stories are still told of his humility and simplicity. When the Vatican authorities realized that he would never consent to descend to the papal apartments on the second floor, they altered for him the top floor which has since been occupied by every succeeding Pope." -A Traveller in Rome by H.V. Morton, p. 356.


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  2. Galeazzi-Lisi wasn't even an MD. He was an oculist (one who fits you for eye glasses) and who actually makes the lenses. They can do very basic exams of the eye in addition to fitting you for glassses or making the lenses. But they can't diagnose or treat, or prescribe medication.
    Galeazzi-Lisi was a phony who passed himself off as an MD. He probably did more harm than good for Pius XII in his treatments.

    Remember, it was this man who sold pictures of Pius XII on his deathbed to the press, and pictures of the just dead Pius XII still clad in his pajamas. A disgrace!

    So it's no surprise that he took a photo of the Pope's bedroom....and probably sold it for lots of $$$$.