Friday, December 30, 2011

Bring Back the Moiré Mantelletta


  1. Te Rev. Michael P. ForbesDecember 30, 2011 at 3:02 PM

    I have never seen this garment. Was it used by cardinals outside their jurisdiction? Was it used by the Pope? biy bishops?


  2. bring back the mantelletta, period!

  3. This mantelleta of watered silk was worn by Apostolic Delegates and Papal Nuncios. The color was that of a Bishop (purple); They also wore the faccia with gold tassels, This attire was limited to the above mentioned prelates.

  4. Cardinals wore the scarlet moire mantelleta with a mozetta over it. This has been abolished however.
    I agree -- bring back the mantelleta. I have seen it in photos being worn now by some diocesan monsignors who just do it.

  5. Paul VI did the Catholic Church a great disservice during the first 10 years of his papacy. He supressed so much of Catholic litrugy and tradition that it is almost criminal.

    That Benedict XVI has not seen fit to reverse some or all of Paul VI's supremely bad decisions in very sad.

    But perhaps a pope within the next 10-15 years will.

    The old pro-Vatican II crowd of cardinals, bishops, priests etc. is a very aged group. Young prelates who are more open to honest criticism of Vatican II and the decisions/direction of Paul VI are coming to power and influence. If not, there would not be all this open debate and criticism from many corners by learned priests and scholars about the failures and wrongs of Vatican II, it's driection, and of Paul VI in particular.

    I personally believe much will be restored within the next 10 years. Paul VI will go down in history as a personally good man, but as a very misguided Pope.

  6. A closer reading of all the documents from Vatica II will reveal that the Council did not abandon tradition when it allowed for innovation. The liberals at that time and since then have focussed entirely on the "new" that came out of the Council. This focus is too narrow.
    As for clerical vesture: The mantelleta has no place in liturgy or bestowal of sacraments. It is a garment with no connection to liturgical ritual. Likewise, for that matter, the mozetta, the color of cassocks and fascia.

  7. Addendum: Some on this board, perhaps, are confusing liturgical reform authorized by Vatican II with non-liturgical matters of Church housekeeping. Moire, mozettas and mantelletas have nothing to do with the liturgy. These textures and vestures are not even seen on clerics celebrating the liturgy.
    If some like color and splash for its own sake, they should say so. There is no association, however, with pre- or post-Vatican II liturgical norms.