Saturday, December 24, 2011

American Papal Knight

A proud tradition. A fine honor. Almost the highest honor for a Catholic layman. A Knight of St. Gregory, seen in Ohio. Thanks, guys!


  1. The highest honor for a Catholic layman is to be named a "Gentleman of his Holiness". Knighthoods are also high honors as in your photo there is a Knight of The Holy Sepulcher, a Dame of The Holy Sepulcher, a papal honor, and a Knight of St Gregory the Great a papal order. The highest knighthood generally given to a lay person is the Order of Pius. A very high honor and rare generaly reserved for diplomats. Rarer still is the Order of the Golden Spur and the Order of Christ. They are reserved for Catholic Heads of State and Catholic sovereigns. Gentlemen of his holiness and papal knights are also honoray members of tghe papal household in the same way a priest is who has the title monsignor

  2. Papal Count is highest honor.

  3. The popes no longer grant noble titles. This practice has fallen into disuse. Pius XII conferred only a few while John XXIII none and Paul VI likewise abandoned the honor and disbanded the noble guard at the Vatican. He also discontinued the practise of meeting with the Roman nobility at the New Year.
    Today, the "Gentlemen of his Holiness" is the top honor. The "Gentlemen" were previously called "Gentlemen of The Sword and Cape", a title abolished by Paul VI.

  4. These awards are too often purchased through bishops.

  5. That Knight of St. Gregory is fake, or at least seems fake. How can he be using a breast star, awarded to Knight Commanders and Knight Grand Crosses, together with a the insignia of a simple Knight. There's something fishy about that photo.

  6. He is wearing the breast star of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre, and the medal of St Gregory. Two different orders.

  7. Hello,
    I was wondering if you could direct me to someone who can check the validity of papal document , certificate of knighthood to Order of St Gregory and others. This quack new age doctor claims to have quite a few and is advertising them on the web for support of his business and beliefs.

    Check my blog please

    I'm pretty sure they're fake.
    But would like an expert or knowledgeable person to check


  8. Ms. Johnson,

    If you want to check anyone who has received papal honors of any kind, the first place to start is the local or most recent parish church if known, failing that, the local Arch/Diocesan office.

    Best to write a brief letter with what you wish to verify. The papal honors when nominated from other than the Pope himself require endorsement by the pastor and bishop of the person concerned.

    In the US there are official offices for the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre and Sovereign Military Order of Malta by geographic region. The unofficial Papal Honorees Association would know recent recipients of the respective honors..

    I hope this is helpful,

    Very Respectfully

    Julius, Protocol Officer and Papal Knight