Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pagan Christmas Cards

Have we taken poison without even noticing it?

Hallmark card shop in Ottawa: not one Christian Christmas card to be seen.

Fun and games, kids, so I complained.

The employee then retorted that at least one card had the image of an angel; and so it was "Christian" while one other actually had the words, "Merry Christmas."

When I explained that blatant was this absence, she explained that Christian cards of Jesus "have not sold" in the past and so Hallmark only sends them "cards that sell."

In a drawer she then admitted to me and showed Christmas cards with religious significance left over from previous years, explaining that they "do not sell."

Why must we be slaves to the Leviathan of paganism? And why the corporate sponsorship?


  1. Attaboy for complaining- and how sad!

  2. Thanks for talking to the store clerk. I agree. It is amazing to see a huge display of Holiday books in the children's section at a Barnes and Noble and then discover how all the books ignore the simple story of a baby born in a manger. Books with llamas, kitties, bears, horses, and the Grinch fill the wall. Sadly, not many childrens book promote the grace of Christmas.

  3. In England there are many Charities, not necessarily religious, which offer many beautiful religious Christian Christmas cards. I think the choice is improving every year, and the cards can be purchased directly from the Charity itself or from a Charity shop, or through the Internet. But don't expect the 'heavyweight' card shops to sell these, they rarely if ever do. Reason: they don't make any money. Well done for raising the matter with the shop, if more people did this perhaps they might change their tune.

  4. Chapters, too. The Christian world has ended up in a melee, not fighting as an organized unit to keep Christ in the culture.

  5. Speaking of Christmas cards, John, I need your new postal address if you want to receive one this year! (A guaranteed 100% Christmas card, as per usual.) Email me?

  6. In Texas the Hallmark stores are full of real Christmas cards.