Friday, November 18, 2011

Loss of the Sense of the Sacred

Photo taken in the vestibule of a prominent parish in Ottawa.

Odd, and even the main altar in the sanctuary is covered in a black funeral pall.

We live in a radically new world, the world of the supernatural, whose radiance, sublimity, and beauty we need to recognize.

Why is a consecrated portable altar treated in such a manner? The altar mensa is our most sacred space.

Ugly, yes, but still an altar - notice the black altar stone with relics in the top of the stone mensa, with consecration crosses?


  1. Such "altars /peoples' tables" are so mundane that one could easily use them for almost anything including a poker game. One wonders at what the saints whose relics are in this particular one think of the situation.

  2. Can. 1239 §1. An altar, whether fixed or movable, must be reserved for divine worship alone, to the absolute exclusion of any profane use.