Monday, November 21, 2011

Canadian Catholic Politician

May we, too, have the courage and grace of generations past.


  1. Is that Thomas D'Arcy McGee, by any chance?

    He was assassinated in Ottawa. I remember on my first visit to the city in 1970, there was a plaque at the site of his death on Sparks Street.

    It's not too far from the Parliament Hill.

    Barb from NY

  2. Sir Laurier:

  3. Ah, okay....that's who he is.

    There's a large hotel next to Parliament Hill named for him: the Chateau-Laurier. My family and I stayed there overnight on our first visit to Ottawa in the summer of 1970. Grand old place, owned by the Canadian National Railroad...could hear the chimes from the Peace Tower in our room...

    Barb in NY