Friday, November 18, 2011

Ottawa Choir Boys Rule the House

Ravishing Catholic music, in Latin.

Ottawa's Christ Church Cathedral's choir of men and boys is absolutely the best.

We need you, guys. Welcome back and join us: ANGLICANORUM COETIBUS !

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  1. There is more glorious classical Catholic music here, sung spectacularly, than in most other Catholic parishes put together, across the province, I'm afraid. And Christ Church Cathedral is Anglican! If you simply want to attend a Sunday morning concert par excellence, this is one of the better-kept secrets in the city of Ottawa. 10:30 A.M. is the Choral Eucharist, but check the Cathedral website beforehand to read the details. The Cathedral has a Men & Boys' choir that has been going for over a hundred years, and a very good Girls' Choir that just celebrated their 10th Anniversary. They tour internationally, and can occasionally be heard at the NAC as well.

    Any Catholic family wishing to have their children trained in sacred/classical music would do well to look at the opportunities offered here. Choristers from all faiths are welcome, and as the comment above states, much of the music was Catholic to begin with! Matthew Larkin is the Choirmaster and Music Director, with Assistant Director James Calkin.

    Come listen to a Sunday morning treat if you are in Ottawa. The Christmas and Easter services often include a small orchestra. There are YouTube videos of the CCC choirs singing -- quite amazing. Ottawa Parents of boys or girls from 7 - 18 would do well to look into this choral training opportunity.

    Why don't more Ottawa residents know about this gem?