Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bishop Sheen on Abortion

"I remember a stewardess on an international airline who began instructions [in the Faith, for conversion]. When she came to the subject of confession and sin, she said that she could not continue. I begged her to take one more hour of instruction,and then if she did not like what was said, she could leave. At the end of the second hour on that subject, she became almost violent and shouted: 'Now I'll never join the Church after what I have heard about confessing sin.' I said to her: 'There is no proportion whatever between what you have heard and the way you are acting. Have you ever had an abortion?' She hung her head in shame and admitted that she had. That was the difficulty; it was not the sacrament of Penance. Later on I received her into the Church and baptized her first child. From my experience it is always well never to pay attention to what people say, but rather why they say it. So often there is a rationalization of the way they live."

-Treasure in Clay, by Archbishop Sheen, p. 279.

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