Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Way It's Done: in Latin

Dedication plaque of the Basilica of the Holy Family in Barcelona, consecrated by His Holiness Pope Benedict in November of 2010.

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  1. It may be pretty, but the Cardinal of Barcelona (Sistach) is, in my opinnion, not a good Cardinal. He is very controversial because he is too catalonian biased, acting against spanish speaking catalonians. This province (BArcelona) is the one in Spain that has lost more christians and where less people go to Sunday mass. Mr Sistach has even protected a priest that payed abortions with the church's money and also (Sistach) has boasted that he was responsible for the sacking of the best team of comunicators the spanish catholic radio (COPE) had, because they criticized him for his wrongdoings. This people, thou not all of them catholics, supported catholicism and christian values and where the mainstay of the COPE radio, now in severe financial trouble.
    Thank God we have Benedictus who is correcting this trend of some bishops or cardinals involved in politics, refusing to comfort spanish terrorism victims in the Basque region and in Catalonia.