Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Catholic Spain: Missioners to the New World


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  1. Besides many other provinces, Navarra was possibly the one that contributed with the largest number of missionaries in the XXth century. My grand-uncle, Father Santos de Egüés, birthname Jesús LAngarica Olagüe, was among them. He was a capuccin (third or lesser Franciscan order) monk. He served first in the Civil War, assisting forced labour and death row convicts, a very ungrateful task, later was sent to Colombia two years and his final destiny was Ecuador. With another brother they had to set up a mission in the middle of the jungle. Together they founded a city now known as Coca, on their own, houses, they built the mission houses, the airport in it's present location etc. He was made apostholical prefect(bishop) by PAul VI in the 70's and he liberated many slaves and educated so many. He was an exemplary person, possibly a Saint. He passed away two years ago well into his 90's