Monday, August 15, 2011

Ugly Art At the Vatican

Postmodern art is often sexually ambivalent. Obsessed with the naughty parts, this is what we get and sorry to see it in the Vatican, too.

Here can be seen what looks to be a birth canal. On the other door, not seen here, is an apparent male member extending from the upper section of the door.

Cecco Bonanotte, an Italian "artist", made these doors in 1999 and since then these have been the main entrance to the Vatican Museums where each year some 3,000,000 persons pass.

Pray and do penance.


  1. Under whose pontificate were these apparently pornographic doors installed? What pope could possibly have let these slip by where we should be praying and doing penance now?

  2. It is called THE NEW GATE - WAITING. Installed in 2000. Ugly, YES!

  3. Ugh-this is definitely uggggllllyyy!

    Whoever 'created' this should be given a swat on the side of the head! (I would have said 'hung from the highest yardarm', but this IS a Catholic blog, after all!)


  4. I don't like such contemporary examples of art. I will say, however, that if the Vatican didn't patronize the arts in every age and keep "updating" (so to speak) with newer installations we never would have gotten things like tearing down the old St. Peter's to build the "new" (and magnificent) one. Remember, in Michelangelo's time they called the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel pornographic and now no intelligent person sees it as such.

  5. I often think this kind of art is the result of fashion trend whose real goal is to launder money. Really this is genuine "entartete Kunst" and not what this term was originally used for in a different era by criminals

  6. if you look at it properly you'll find that it is an unfinished carving ... the faces and chest are carved in more detail .. and the rest is just measured outlines... you can not judge art when it's not even half done... it's like eating a piece of half baked cake and saying is taste bad... ...0.o... just saying