Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cloistered Convent in Rome: Where to Get Relics

In Via in Selci, number 82, you can find this venerable old convent, the Monasterium S. Luciae in Silice. These are the Rome sisters who are in charge of relics.

If you have a letter from a prelate, addressed to the Vicariate of Rome and asking for a specific relic (only to be used for public veneration and not to be horded by lay relic collectors), then you can receive just about any saint relic from here.


  1. Unfortunatly, at least in most of Italy, it looks like the cloistered Augustinian nuns have "Vatican Two'ed" their habits. They still wear long habits, but the white wimples/collars are gone, as is the distinctive black Augustinian veil lined in white.
    Big mistake to Vatican II anything.

  2. I don't know about the nuns, but the Augustinian friars-once quite numerous there, especially in Rome-are just about wiped out in Italy due to the radical liberal "reforms" of Vatican II and the Novus Ordo. Dozens of former Augustinian friaries in Italy (and the same case for many other Orders), are eiter turned over to the diosecean priests (where there are enough priests to staff the Church), or simply abandoned and empty.
    Benedict XVI is a vast improvement over recent popes, but he still hasn't done much to start to process to reverse Vatican II. Hope the next Pope does!!

  3. When will the constant blaming everything on Vatican II cease? Everyone needs to actually read the documents of the Second Vatican Council. Everyone: traditionalists, progressives, etc. Everyone will be surprised as to what Vatican II actually did and did not do.

  4. I normally dont comment. But I agree with the most recent post. The documents of the second Vatican council are quite surprising compared to what we have been led to believe they contain. It was more a matter of implementation than what the council Fathers, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, decreed. Let us focus on the good work of Holy Mother Church, rather than stifling her by obsessing over the past. I am quite the orthodox Catholic myself, however, we must always remember, the Church is alive, not stagnant. And before we criticize, lets make sure we are informed.

  5. A wimple doesn't make a nun! Period! A wimple is actually a Christianized hijab. The wimple was brought over by the Crusaders, home to their wives and it became quite the fashion. Don't make it be the litmus test of a religious community of nuns. You are doing them a great uncharity by doing so! Besides it was Pius XII that said that habits should be simplified...before Vat II.

    I remember when you used to easily get relics from here! The tightening up of who can acquire is actually a good thing.

  6. Hear hear to Anonymous @ 3:53 pm! I'm with you!

    I know Catholics who call themselves 'traditional' (and I truly believe that they are sincere in the Faith) and yet find more ways to 'trash' Vatican II. They constantly call Blessed John Paul II and Benedict XVI (now gloriously reigning) 'modernists'. I don't even know if they have even READ the V II documents! Even our present Holy Father has said that there were things went wrong with Vatican II, for heaven's sake!

    I consider myself a 'Traditional Catholic who is also a Papist'! I love the Extraordinary Form of the Mass! I love seeing all the pictures of the priests and Sisters in traditional garb that are on this blog! I know that our Holy Father is TRYING HIS UTMOST TO RESTORE THE FAITH! WE HAVE TO TRUST HIM!

    Barb in NY

  7. I am I guess what you would call a 'traditionalist'. So much so, I live near the Franciscan Minor Headquarters, here in Rome, Italy. (which is about a ten min. walk from the Vatican). What I have noticed from a lot of Americans is that they judge Vat II WITHOUT reading what it is about.
    Also, one that stated that the wimple is not what makes the correct. Tis the lifestyle and vows (kept) that makes a nun. Pace

  8. Thank you for the information about relics. God bless you and happy Easter!