Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Glorious 1952 Eucharistic Congress in Barcelona

Astounding to see what the conciliar liturgical renewal has brought to Barcelona - a diocese today in near total collapse.


  1. And you are surprised by this fruit of the Novus Ordo and Vatican II? Hopefully not.

    It is the result of the Council world wide.

  2. In Catalonia it has not been a matter of conciliar failure, but of the clergy getting involved in politics with very un-christian traits, fostering criminality and rejecting spanish speaking christians and it all started timidly before the Eucaristical congress and progressed in earnest in the late 60's, possibly under the belief that embracing comunism and being sissy was better than being sincere.It is definitely the failure of communicating and living the joy and happiness we saw at the JMJ( WYD). I often spoke with my grand uncle, a Capuccin monk missionary, that many priests needed to feel spirit they, Capuccin monks and nuns, had in the Ecuador missio in order to recycle. This does not mean the over-the-top silly happiness attitude, but a realistic, serene degree of joy, long time absent from many spanish masses.

  3. Spanish communist leaning clergy involved in politics has long been a problem as evidenced in recent Latin American and Spanish history.

  4. Yes, a wonderful book, but I had no money to purchase a copy. It is available at the El Museo Diocesano de Barcelona, next to the Cathedral.

  5. You can get the book at:
    In CAtalonian

    In Spanish