Monday, August 29, 2011

Barcelona: Battle of Lepanto Flag Ship Commanded by Don Juan of Austria

Barcelona Maritime Museum - this model was then made into a life sized boat in 1970 and can be seen today at the museum.


  1. You possibly don't know it, but Our Lady and the Rosary played an important part in the Lepanto battle beeing the christians outnumbered. All the spanish prayed the Rosary and to the Holy Virgin Mary for the victory. The image was later worshipped as Our Lady of the Victory (in the Lepanto battle) and She was until very recently the protector of seamen in Spain. Every girl called MAria Victoria in Spain is so in honour of this great victory against the muslims( you can read about it in "Lépante l'histoire étouffé"). She was replaced by the Carmel (Carmen) Virgin in the second third of the XX century for apparently obscure and not very clear reasons.

  2. "Remember Lepanto!"