Monday, August 29, 2011

Prayers for Sr. Margherita Marchione, PhD

Sr. Margherita Marchione wrote August 19 that she has intestinal cancer.

On Thursday she went in for colon cancer surgery.

Please pray for her recovery.

Born in 1922, Sr. Margherita has written almost 100 books and has become the premier defender of the venerable memory of Pius XII.

Sister wrote in an e-mail dated Aug. 19: "Prega per me a Pio XII " (Pray to Pius XII for me).

It is known in Rome and the Vatican that what is holding up the beatification process of Pius XII is actually a lack of substantiated miracles attributed to his intercession.

What we need now are faithful Catholics to pray to Pius XII for his holy intercession for healings and miracles of the sick and terminally ill and this will allow for the process of beatification to move forward.

Through the holy intercession of Ven. Pius XII, pray for a miraculous healing of Sr. Margherita Marchione.

CARA SUOR MARGHERITA: Sono sicuro che ce la farai e Papa Pio XII ti aiuterà.
Noi preghiamo di poterti ancora rivedere e abbracciare!


  1. Prayers for Sr. Margherita.

  2. Ven Pius XII, ora pro nobis..
    I'll pray for Sister, too.

  3. REzaré por usted, hermana.

  4. You are dearly loved as a model of Our Lady, Sister Margherita.

    Only recently did I become aware of Sister's immense body of scholarship, particularly on Pius XII; looking forward to reading as much as I can. For several years, a few Filippini sisters taught me at the now defunct St. Margaret's School in Morristown, N.J. Many happy memories there.

    I hope you make a full recovery and you will be in my prayers.

    In Iesu et Maria

  5. At this very moment, a copy of Sr. Margherita's autobiography lies beside me. Prior to reading it, I did not know about her Order, the Religious Teachers Filippini. Since I am myself a Catholic, and in a very modest way an historian,scholar, and teacher, I felt an immediate kinship with her. She is an indefatigable champion of truth and justice, who from now on will remain in my prayers.

  6. UPDATE: Sister is fine and doing well. It was benign. She was in Rome again this year to visit. Still fast at work.

    1. what wonderful news! Do you know if Sister Marchione receives email or snail mail? Would love to have either address. Her writings have meant much to me and my family. Thank you.
      Cornelia Moisuk

    2. Dear Cornelia, I would also like to have a mailing address for Sister Margherita because I deeply admire her work in behalf of Pope Pius XII's legacy. I have three Life Magazines, dating from 1954 & 1958, which cover His Holiness and I would like to send these to her as a gift.