Thursday, August 18, 2016

An American Creed by Francis Cardinal Spellman of New York

I believe in America:

In her high destiny under God to stand before the people of the earth as a shining example of unselfish devotion to the ideals that have, under God, made us a great nation; the Christian ideal of liberty in harmonious unity, builded of respect for God's image in man and every man's right to life, liberty and happiness.

I believe in America:

For the blood in the veins of America, our heart's blood comes from the wounds of many peoples, chaliced in humanity's name upon the altar of liberty.

I believe in America:

Not because of the tremendous resources of her fields and mountains, rivers and lakes, valleys and plains, but rather because America has been and must ever continue to be, under God, the Beacon of Liberty, the Hope of the Oppressed, the Refuge of the Weak, the Pledge and the Proof that humanity can live in mutual respect based on the law of God, voiced through the conscience of man, and in mutual esteem, based on the responsibility of democratic life.

Lastly, I believe in America:

Because I believe in God and God's Providence that has been over us from the earliest days of our beginnings.  Believing in God, I am confident both of His merciful forgiveness of our national sins and His awareness of our national virtues.  Believing in God's Providence, I am confident of our high resolve that this fair land, the visible setting of the vast, immaterial soul of the American nation, shall never lose its initial consecration to the common Fatherhood of God, so that we and our children's children shall live in peace and harmony among ourselves and with our neighbors.  In this America, I believe; for this is America, I live; for this America, I and millions of others stand ready to die.  

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