Monday, August 15, 2016

A Word About the Disastrously Ugly New Churches Being Constructed in the Diocese of Rome

You see these frequently in the suburbs of Rome.

There is no end in sight.  

Here is an example of a very poorly executed church exterior: SAMPLE.

Pray for a return to Catholic sensibilities.  These new churches are falling way below the grade (and are no doubt highly over priced).  

I used to avoid going to the Palace of the Vicariate because of the brochures displayed, begging for money, depicting the abysmal new churches planned for Rome and the city environs.

Italy was profoundly touched by the 1960s cultural revolution.  Modern Italians are copycats.  This instinct is shown most clearly in their architects who continue to copy the worst of pagan north European architecture from the past (ostensibly from the future), instead of the best of their own from the past and present.

The criteria for Catholic church design must be made clear by the Rome Vicariate: Catholics are to test the validity of an architectural design by the bonum, verum, et pulchrum.

Truth demands that the exterior of a church building clearly reflects the purpose for which it was constructed; beauty and goodness are achieved by following that classical style so familiar and accepted by the Church, the ages and human sensibility.

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  1. Awful.
    The only beauty there is the (one) crucifix.
    The buildings look like they were designed by a refugee from an Ikea store.