Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A New Order of "Diocesan" Nuns in the Diocese of New Ulm (USA)

A rural diocese, founded by Venerable Pius XII in 1957.

The first bishop of New Ulm was a saint, Bishop Alphonse James Schladweiler. 

His first assignment after ordination was to my home parish, Nativity.  In the 1950s he was pastor of the famous church of St. Agnes.  Both in Saint Paul, Minnesota. 

Schladdy was later assigned to Holy Trinity parish in New Ulm, which, by Divine Providence, was to become his cathedral in 1958.

By his prayers from the new and eternal Jerusalem, this fine new convent has been born, under the patronage of the Diocese and the careful leadership of Mother Mary Clare, my old classmate from university.

Many young girls feel the call to convent life, but do not know where to look.

Here is a new option: 


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