Saturday, June 18, 2016

Cohiba: The Best Cuban Cigar

Cohiba is the finest premium cigar produced in Cuba.  They are flawless.  The tobacco has undregone an extra fermentation process.  As perfect as a cigar can be made. 

And the most pricey.  Prices are set by the government.  There are no deals.  Cuban cigars are not cheap, even in Cuba.   Yours truly has only smoked one of these in my life.  Too expensive. 

Inside warning: do not buy cigars on the street or beach in Cuba -- they are likely made not of tobacco, but of shredded banana leaves.

Cohiba was initiated by Castro as a limited production/private brand for the rich.  Before he quit smoking these were his favorite.  They are still given as diplomatic gifts.  So much for his communism babble about everyone being equal.      


  1. Only perfect if kept in humidor storage.

  2. Sorry but I have to disagree; I prefer Montecristo!