Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Dream Team

Pope Pius XII pictured with newly elevated cardinals in a Vatican throne room in the 1950s. 

Cardinals in the group include Cardinal John D'Alton, Cardinal George Maria Grente, Cardinal Carlo Maria De La Torre, Cardinal Marcello Mimmi, Cardinal Maurice Feltin, Cardinal Valerio Valeri, Cardinal Augusto Alvaro da Silva, Cardinal Celso Costantini, Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani, Cardinal Joseph Wendel, Cardinal Valeriano Grazias, Cardinal Crisanto Luque, Cardinal Paul Emil Leger, Cardinal Giacomo Lercaro, Cardinal James Francis McIntyre and Cardinal Giuseppe Siri. 

Photo by Rolls Press/Popperfoto/Getty Images

Hat tip to Vesti Papali on FB


  1. Kudos to the Roman virtues gravitas, pietas, dignitas, virtus!

  2. Is the prelate standing to the right of Pope Pius XII Monsignor Montini, the future Pope Paul VI?

  3. Yes! & dressed in black is Mons. Pietro, OSA...

  4. Exquisite. Baroque has the musical rhythm of a fugue or sonata.