Saturday, February 28, 2015

St. Mary's Academy and College, Kansas - Keeping Catholic Education Alive


  1. Excuse me Mr. Sonnen, but do you realize who heads this college? The Society of St. Pius X. Now, a Latin Mass promoting or loving Traditionalist, such as yourself, should realize what they stand for, and for any admirer of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, that the SSPX rejected Rome in the offer to be restored to full canonicity.

    How can you promote the college of a society who is in purposeful disobedience to Rome and Holy Mother Church by not submitting to her will? Do not even try the argument about emergency provision, as that is now reduced in light of Summorum Pontificum and the growth of the Latin Mass. By promoting this college, you are encouraging people to send their sons and daughters to one whereby they will be immersed in the ethos of the SSPX, fermenting rebellion in their hearts and minds against the Catholic Church, but from the theologial-political "right". The path to heaven is narrow, and falling off the path is likewise, easy and the land on both sides of the path wide and vast. You don`t need to be liberal to reject Holy Mother Church. So I ask again, why are you promoting an SSPX college, when you know what the SSPX stand for?

  2. Why is there a picture of George Washington in this video (Mason extraordinaire)?

    1. Washington, that evil man. And did you hear that quote from--gasp!--Socrates? Shhhh.