Sunday, December 21, 2014

Priests Ordained in the 1950s

Meet the great Fr. George Welzbacher. 

It was wonderful to see two of the very last legends of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, Fr. George Welzbacher and Fr. James Stromberg, both nearly 90-years-old and still very active week-end assistants at a lively suburban parish.  

They were members of the old generation of eminent priest professors who taught at the College of St. Thomas and St. Thomas Military Academy.  They had studied in places like Laval (Canada), Louvain (Belgium) and Rome.  Archbishop Murray saw the need to have priests in the classrooms teaching.  I pray a new generation worthy of the name will take their place and receive what had been handed on to them and continue the tradition.       


  1. I've been to confession several times with Fr. Welzbacher. He's still sharp as a whip, and he still gives absolution in Latin. God bless him.

  2. I have not seen Father Welzbacher since St. John's closed. He looks good in the photo. I agree with Carolus (above). He is a treasure as a Confessor and he spends many hours waiting for Penitants. He is one of my preferred Confessors. He is a treasure as a priest.