Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Join Us to See the Shroud of Turin!

I invite you all for the trip of a lifetime...

When the Shroud of Turin goes on display in the Cathedral of Turin next spring – only the sixth time in nearly a century – it can have an illustrious visitor: you.

The Shroud, believed to be the burial cloth of Christ, is normally kept inside a special climate controlled container inside Turin’s cathedral. But in 2015, the Shroud will be on display for an extraordinary public exhibition from April 19 until June 24.  Do not miss this opportunity for you to see this most precious relic of Christendom.

We will lead a pilgrimage of students and teachers from Vancouver to visit the Shroud while on pilgrimage.  The dates for our scheduled trip are April 27 - May 7, 2015.  I strongly encourage all to participate with us in this truly remarkable experience.  All are welcome.  Do not miss out.

The Turin visit is an added bonus.  We will also see Milan, Rome, Pavia (burial place of Augustine), Genoa, Vatican City.   

Feel free to contact myself with any questions.

For registration and itinerary click here.

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  1. Will the Masses of this pilgrinage celebrated according to the extraordinary form?