Saturday, August 31, 2013

When Vestments Were Beautiful

From the old Holy Land Art Company of New York, New York (formerly at 55 Barclay Street). 

Founded in 1922, they are still in business.  See here.

Would be great to see vestments like this available once again. 


  1. These things can be made by ease with computers.

  2. Well, for a short number of years, in the glorious reign of Benedict XVI, vestments were taking on a decidedly beautiful and glorious look. Beauty and religion should go together. Not under Bishop Francis, but soon, maybe one day again, the Church will recapture the splendor of truth not just the prosaic aspects.

  3. Well, computer embroidery might be easy, but is very plain compared to hand made one, esp. when the hand made one was subsequently painted to incredible details. Compare the computer made one here: and the one I bought on ebay (for 1/4 of the new one's price):

    Fr. Martin