Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rome's Fabled Hotel Siracusa

For a  lot of people, this is the first thing they see in Rome.

When you exit Roma Termini, the city's main train station, from the north, you are welcomed by this.

For many over the years, when they arrived in Rome, this is where they stayed.  Clean, cheap, and a central location.   

I have fine Roman summer evening memories of smoking Cuban cigars here on the outside tables of the bar.  Watching for friends as they passed.  Enjoying the evening breeze with my wife.    

Inside the Trombetta bar they have a humidor with cheap Cubans.

Always fun to people watch from this window.   So many Rome memories!  Praying for the salvation of the city.  Enjoying every inch of the city.  Urbs Caput Orbis!