Sunday, August 18, 2013

Catholic Culture: Clergy Greeting the Faithful After Sunday Mass

Always nice to see.  

Grazie, caro Monsignor Rossi!


  1. never happened to me in Vienna

  2. I prefer priests that pray in silence after mass instead of socializing.

  3. Nice to see? Yes and no. Personally, I think this "meet and greet" after Novus Ordo Masses simply further encourages the worshipers to immediately get up, leave the pew and file out with everyone else, instead of the age-old proper action of kneeling in thanksgiving to God.

  4. It is entirely wrong for the priest to greet his congregation after Mass while still vested.
    The chasuble is to be worn for the Holy Sacrifice and nothing else.
    Let the priest greet his flock by all means, but he should go to the sacristy first, there de-vest, and only then, and preferably after a short prayer of thanksgiving, busy himself (if he must) with those members of his flock who are still hanging about.